Police tries lure rape young girl

police tries lure rape young girl

Please try again later. Published on Jul 23, Police: Two men lure old Laurel girl on Instagram, rape her repeatedly.
(Updated) Viral rumors claim gang members are deploying crying children to lure female victims to secluded places to be attacked and raped.
A man sought by authorities for allegedly trying to lure a girl into a to the Riverside Police Department's Facebook page shows the little girl...

Police tries lure rape young girl -- going

And anyway, how lousy would you feel if some rapist thought, 'well thats a good idea' and used the concept a week after you posted, 'don't worry, its BS'? You are commenting using your Facebook account. A man was hauled before the court for punching his wife in her face after she refused to be silent. The magistrate as a result ruled that Fuller should be remanded for psychiatric evaluation. Local News Local News Local News Local News Local News. Sheriff's Office warns of lost child hoax. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. It's all about people's security, well being and safety.
police tries lure rape young girl

Take him video free chat live show webcam to the police station for this is the new 'gang' way of Kidnap and rape. Facebook users are innocently sharing advice with their online friends about how women can avoid being kidnapped and raped, not realising that they are perpetuating a hoax. No matter what you do, DON'T go to that address. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Destinations For Wine Lovers California, Virginia, Oregon, and New York offer some of the nation's top destinations for wine tourism in the USA, increasingly of interest to leisure travelers. Facebook Hoax kidnap Spam. Take Off The Lens Cap. Sheriff's office notifies public about email hoax. Gang Initiation Warning Hoax - Infant Car Seat Left On Roadside. Bakri: SMS about crying kids is a hoax. Definately take any lost child to the authorities. Talk to us Via Email, police tries lure rape young girl.

Journey cheap: Police tries lure rape young girl

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Police tries lure rape young girl tri

Flat Tire Mall Abduction Warning. He had gray hair and was wearing a dark-colored shirt with white lettering and unknown graphics. I have seen many reports with false information, especially regarding politicians, snopes will completely disregard what all the major news sources are saying and make up their own version of events. I've received many e-mails forwarding this kind of stuff from scared moms, sisters, daughters, grandmas and aunts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Powered by frenchfilms.info VIP. The incident is getting worse.

police tries lure rape young girl