Mumbai rape cases testimony adult woman must corroborate with other evidence

Mumbai: Observing that the evidence of an adult woman in rape cases, must corroborate with other evidences on record, the Bombay High Court acquitted a.
Supreme Court also referred to other reasons why a woman of rural India and caution must attach in the evaluation of her evidence as in the case of an But if a prosecutrix is an adult and of full understanding the Court is entitled is a victim of sexual violence must ordinarily be corroborated in material.
How Nirbhaya rape case points to India's deep-rooted problem with women. .. the Verma Report stated that the corroboration of a rape victim's testimony is not . officer must make careful enquires to find out if other evidence corroborates . The role of forensic medical evidence in the prosecution of adult sexual assault...

Mumbai rape cases testimony adult woman must corroborate with other evidence - - tri easy

It may be that a child may not remember all the details of the occurrence, but that will not detract from acceptability of her evidence. Browse journals by subject. Taking us through the evidence of the prosecutrix P.

Bhobe, learned Advocate for the appellant-accused, to the statement made by Dr. If for some reason the court is hesitant to place implicit reliance on the testimony of the prosecutrix it may look for evidence which may lend assurance to her testimony, short of corroboration required in the case of an accomplice. State Through Public Prosecutor - Court Judgment Mumbai High Court B. Dattu Ramrao Sakhare and others vs. Some discrepancies are bound to occur if a rustic witness is cross-examined at length. This indicates that there is something in writing which can be set against another statement made in evidence. The investigation having started thereupon, the accused was arrested on the same night and the accused as well as the prosecutrix were referred best international dating sites the Goa Medical College for necessary medical examination. If the Court keeps this in mind and feels satisfied that it can act on the evidence of the prosecutrix, there is no rule of law or practice incorporated in the Evidence Act similar to illustration b to S. A murderer destroys the physical body of his victim, a rapist degrades the very soul of the helpless female. This statement of the prosecutrix is corroborated by the testimony of Mira Swleader interview marie worker general secretary strass french union workers. Our attention was drawn by Mr. Bruising and laceration of the external genitals also should be noticed. Even in the case of girls, absence of marks of violence on private parts or elsewhere may merely suggest want of violent resistance on the part of the victim. The Supreme Court reversed the decision of High Court, restored the decision of trial court and declined even to interfere with the sentence, as the accused was a man in uniform who committed a serious crime. The courts, therefore, shoulder a great responsibility while trying an accused on charges of rape. India and its neighbours. Rape cases: Testimony of adult woman must corroborate with other evidence. The driver took the car away.

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If an explanation is offered but found not acceptable, it is as if no explanation is offered. The testimony of the victim in such cases is vital and unless there are compelling reasons which necessitate looking for corroboration of her statement, the courts should find no difficulty to act on the testimony of a victim of sexual assault alone to convict an accused where her testimony inspires confidence and is found to be reliable. There is no rule of law that her testimony cannot be acted without corroboration in material particulars.

Tri: Mumbai rape cases testimony adult woman must corroborate with other evidence

Mumbai rape cases testimony adult woman must corroborate with other evidence 501
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