Dating undetectable safe

dating undetectable safe

Is it Safe for Mixed-status Couples to Have Sex? is taking ART consistently and correctly, especially if his/her viral load is undetectable.
It's fine to date a guy who's positive and undetectable, but don't misinterpret " undetectable " as "I should be safe without a condom." I mean, I.
“As far as dating goes, I don't need to convince someone else that they are safe to date me because I am undetectable,” says Curry. “I give.

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These parties are lots of fun and enable guys to have meaningful discussions when they want. Are they part of the conspiracy to get poz guys laid own resource? Maybe much of the problem is in the wording: An assurance of zero risk is just not attainable. At best it speaks of ALL poz people in America, not GAY MEN specifically, so irrelevant. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, get that through your scared head.

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But, even if what you say is true, the tests are not REAL TIME ACCURATE. It is sad and scary to know, that because of stigma and fear, people will still turn down a potential partner with HIV, increasing their chances of being infected by someone with a higher viral load, who is not being treated, because they do not know that they are infected.